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December food menu highlight

Experiencing the local culture is a huge part of traveling and trying traditional food is largely connected with that cultural experience. While each customer’s preferences are different, there are a few special food menus that stand out with friendly and efficient personalized customer service, great food, and a memorable atmosphere.

JAMOGRAND is introducing the highlight of our tourist lodge food menu. #Terelj Hills Lodge, #Dream Gobi lodge, and #Lake Forest Lodges serve different specialty.

#Terelj Hills Lodge offers #KHORKHOG is mainly mutton. Mongolians eat this on special occasions. Mutton has a good flavor and good quality due to the fineness of the mutton muscle meat which is cooked inside a pot containing burning rocks heated in an open fire. Vegetables are added to make a stew and the flavors are left to blend for several hours. The complete consumption of meat of sheep is due to its high protein content.

#KHARCHO, a delicious Georgian soup. It is a nice change when you are eating Mongolian food. This soup is not only nutritious and tasty but also can be made for vegetarians with or without beef. Our lodge’s regular customers' favorite.

#CAMEL STEAK and Goat jerky soup are specialties in #Dream Gobi lodge. It might sound odd but surprisingly it has a lot of health benefits. Camel meat is chemically similar to beef but tastes like goat meat. It is rich in carbohydrates, sweets, and glycogen, so it is well-digested. According to researchers, camel fat is used in cancer treatment and also treats muscle and muscle necrosis and skin and tendon spasms detoxify. It cures bloating. Mongolians use camel fat for itching.

Another unique food is called #GOAT JERKEY SOUP, in Mongolian call, it is borts-dried meat that can be stored for any length of time this food recipe has been handed down for centuries. It contains nutrients, does not rot, and does not lose its quality.

#BORTS can be eaten all year round. Due to its lightweight, it is suitable for long-distance travel and Mongolian astronauts took this to space. It is believed that borts are what sustained the army of Chinggis khaan during his long military campaigns. It is delicious to soak ground borts in warm water and cook it with soup. Borts are made from mutton, beef, camel, and goat meat.

Lake Forest Lodge offers #FISH KHUUSHUUR as a must-try dish. Khuushuur is mainly cooked by any other livestock meat, but in the Khuvsgul region, locals make khuushuur with fish. Thus, it is invented from locals’ home kitchens.

#YAK GOULASH is high in myoglobin, which easily oxidizes with atmospheric oxygen to turn the meat brown. Yak fat is bright yellow due to its high content of vitamin A and carotene. In addition, the meat is relatively coarse-grained and dark, and the meat is low in fat, but this does not reduce the quality but indicates that the fat-protein ratio is optimal and rich in protein and vitamins. Yak meat is similar to beef in terms of food supply and value in foreign markets.

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