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Are you wondering what to eat during spring time in Mongolia?

In the spring time, everything grows, but the weather is changeable, so it effects chronic diseases and the strength of the human body weaken.

Spring is a time when snow and ice melt, the ground melts, and the warmth of the earth rises, which causes flowers and vegetables to grow. That's why it's said, "Spring wind blows through my ribs."

The best food and drink to overcome the cold spring weather should be warm type of food and drink which balances the cold and heat.

Mongolians use yellow foods which are milk and dairy products, because of the color it is named yellow food. This includes butter, barley flour, millet tea, butter tea, cheese, dried whey, milk skin, milk protein, and melted thick cream. These types of foods are well digested and generate heat in the stomach making it ideal for the spring season.

In April and May, don't eat salty, sour and bitter flavors. Eat sweet and light fatty foods (all types of dairy products, protein, yogurt, milk, curds, sour cream, cheese). In these months, the process of digesting heavy food slows down.


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