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Perfect balance of comfort and authenticity


Terelj Hills Lodge 5.jpg

N47’52’26,57” E107’25’51’,54”

Conveniently located near Ulaanbaatar city, Terelj Hills Lodge welcomes our visitors with a heartfelt smile and care. This is a family-friendly environment with lots of fun activities for everyone. While children are roller skating, playing ping pong, badminton, or swimming, parents are making barbeques and grills, or simply nursing beer near the firepit. 
Both hotel rooms and gers display a great panorama of the valley where horses and yaks graze near the wellspring.
We host scholars, counselors, and peers to share their experiences and help us learn more about the Terelj National Park, one of the most unique and interesting natural formations in our fully equipped study room. 
Your stay at our lodge will ensure a great learning experience, an opportunity to try new things, create beautiful memories, and bond with your family.


Dream Gobi Lodge 3.jpg

N43’54’31,7” E103’51’53,7”

The lodge is literally located in the middle of nowhere, with a great panorama of the endless horizon of the Gobi desert, only to be disturbed by the grazing horses. 
It is the wide-open, calming, and quiet atmosphere where your mind and body heals from traveling. Ensuite bathroom adds comfort to your stay in traditional ger/yurt. Outdoor swimming is rewarded with endless expanses of the steppe mirages or the breathtaking view of the Milky Way. After a good meal, you are welcome to treat yourself to traditional relaxing spa treatments. Dining is a gastronomical adventure with camel steak, traditional goat jerky soup, or pleasure with home reminding good burgers.


Lake Forest Lodge.jpg

N50’29’1,300” E100’9’37,600”

Located on the bank of Khuvsgul Lake, surrounded by larch forest, your stay at our ger lodge will be private, pleasant, and panoramic. The morning sun lights up the dining room for breakfast with the smell of fresh coffee and wood fire. A boat ride to the most scenic spots of this immense freshwater lake is followed by a hike up a panoramic hill. There are many choices for delicious meals and a small bonfire by the lakeshore in the evening with wine and chocolate.
Your ger, comfortable and warm, and with your own bathroom will be a welcome change after the exploration day of the area. You can start your next day riding well-trained Mongolian horses and visiting yak breeding families to learn more about their lifestyle. We offer traditional games and a handpicked selection of Mongolian movies for your free time. A walk at the lakeshore, along with grazing yaks and cute little ruddy shelducks and bar-headed geese round out your experience. Lake Forest Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of the lake and its surrounding areas.

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