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Xi Jinping appreciates Mongolia's President Battulga Khaltmaa visit to China amid virus outbreak

President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga is paid a visit to the People’s Republic of China and met with President Xi Jinping on February 27, one day after Mongolian Traditional Tsagaan Sar.

He arrived in Beijing with Foreign Minister Tsogtbaatar Damdin and other senior government officials on Thursday and held a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.

During the visit that became the first visit as a head of state to China since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Battulga held a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and discussed joint efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

President Battulga also touched upon the donation campaign titled ‘Aid from the Heart to our Eternal Neighbor’ that was launched by the Government of Mongolia, the voluntary donations made by the Mongolian people and entities that were handed over to the Chinese side, and the donation of 30 thousand sheep by the people of Mongolia within the scope of this visit, saying that these contributions will be measured in the depth of its significance in bilateral ties, rather than in their size.

"This vividly shows that the two neighbors are in the same boat and working hand in hand to help each other," said Xi. "As the first head of state to visit China after the outbreak, Battulga presents strong evidence via his visit that Mongolia attaches great importance to developing relations with China, which is also an example of the spirit of helping and supporting each other", Xi added.

As such, the sides concluded that the meeting, having taken place at a time of the novel coronavirus outbreak in China and an ongoing nationwide fight against it, is proof that the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the two countries has reached a new height and the demonstration of an ideal cooperation between neighboring countries to the world.

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