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Wellspring Voyage LLC is ready to go

Voyage Unique is a well known brand in Mongolia for its quality service and responsible attitude. I started working with them on a community support project to help students at Bulgan Village school in Gobi Desert to learn and improve their English. By then, I have realized this is a true family who cares not only about themselves, but also locals, customers, vendors as their own. That's when I decided to join the team!

Wellspring Voyage LLC is relatively recent. But it is built on the core idea of Voyage Unique by the people who have a long time experience in tourism sector of Mongolia. The values stay the same: we want to deliver quality and satisfaction to customers, we want to help vendors to grow with us and we like to keep our business responsible towards nature and local community. It only means that brand is prospering.

However, we are making a few changes to make Voyage Unique available to more broader range of travelers:

- Add more hands-on experiences: learning to draw Mongolian style, process freshly cut wool into felt, milk a yak, ride two humped camels etc. We understand that it is an essential part of the trip to try new things and learn from the experience.

- Balance the trips to optimum. We do not favor over-inflated luxury in Mongolia, it dims the authentic minimalist culture, not to mention the overcharge. But to maintain Voyage Unique quality, it requires investment and commitment. Price range wise, Voyage Unique stands a little over the medium. By combining this with family stays and other ger camps, we are bringing truly unique experience that includes both comfort and authentic experience.

- Customize the trip to your wishes. We have a bigger team now which helps us to personalize the trip experience. We are able to work on each itinerary, either it is for an individual or for a group. The itineraries we have is the baseline, from there we can adjust it to your need and special requests.

Wellspring Voyage LLC welcomes you to Mongolia in warm embrace, to introduce the rich culture and heritage of Mongolia, to guide you through all destinations, and to help you spend one of your best holidays.


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