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Uvs province: Khyargas Nuur National Park

Sunrise at Khyargas lake

Khyargas Nuur is located in Uvs region in the western part of Mongolia, twice as salty as the ocean. 220 km from Ulaangom city. A very beautiful one of the deepest and calming looking salty lake in the great lake basin. 1028m above sea level, the length is 75 km, width is 31km, maximum depth is 80m. The

landscape around the lake is desert steppe. Khan Khentii mountain laying behind the Khyargas lake. Transportation is assessable, crowded by local tourists in the weekends. In the west part of lake Khetsuu khad marble rock, the most attractive natural formation lies in this area, the lake waves are very strong and it seems like an ocean beach resort, which is unusual geography in Mongolia. There are several tourist camps around the lake. The newly established tourist camp Khyargas lodge is a wonderful; vacation spot. The wooden cabin facing the lake and accessible to see beautiful sun rise and sun set.

Sunset at Khyargas lake

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