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Ulaanbaatarians got rid of their stinky smell

Ulaanbaatarians’ two headaches, stink in summer and smoke in winter, began to fade. The “stinky odor” is smelt in summer due to the old mechanical wastewater treatment plant. A new Wastewater Plant has started working from December 2019.

A mechanical wastewater treatment that we used to have was established in the capital city in 1964, and was last renovated in 1986. The old plant has a daily capacity of treating 230 thousand cubic meters of sewage. As for the new treatment plant, it will not only treat 250 thousand cubic meters of sewage in three stages, but also satisfy 53 percent of its own electricity demand by producing biogas from the sludge. Moreover, odors generated from the treatment process will be cleansed with biological waste gas treatment techniques and the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system will be applied in the plant.

Also, a project for Recycling sludge into fertilizer was completed by Japanese and Mongolian biological experts. The representative of the Ministry of construction and urban development says that “The recycled fertilizers will be available for utilizing for the city’s green plants, and mine rehabilitation”. Thankfully, Ulaanbaatarians got rid of their stinky smell.

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