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Travel Diary 2021: JAMOGRAND vacation part two

In 2021, the #Jamo Grand travel team chose to travel to Khentii province. Managers gave us two options, travels to the Gobi in the south or Khentii in the east this time. Since our company trip was to the Gobi last year, most people chose to go to Khentii province.

Our summer vacation was a welcome break and a chance to recharge. We spent two days in Baldan Bereewen monastery, and also had some time to embark upon a little adventure to "Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur" translated as “Blue Lake of Black Heart” and another branch, site of our company located in the east.

Exploring Baldan Bereewen

First established in 1654, the monastery grew to be one of the largest and most important religious sites in Mongolia in the mid-19th century, housing up to 8000 monks. The monastery and temple complex was destroyed by Mongolia’s communist regime in 1937.

Baldan Bereeven remained off-limits for nearly six decades. Following the democratic revolution in 1990 a handful of older monks who were removed from Baldan Bereevan as young boys in the 1930s returned to the monastery. Restoration efforts for several of the monasteries' main temples began in 1999 by CRTP- Cultural Restoration Tourism Project.

In 2012 Baldan Bereeven Monastery and the surrounding area were placed on the tentative list to be nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trip delights

During the trip, we had an excellent meal. We are divided into groups that take turns cooking. We found that our CEO was a very good cook and his hobby was cooking. Eating meals in the wild nature and having coffee at sunrise and beer at sunset was fun and relaxing. Spotting animals and seeing many eagles on a daily basis. Playing tug of war was great fun.

Campsite near Baldan Bereewen monastery

Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur translated as “Blue Lake of Black Heart”.

Khar Zurkh Mountain is on the north side of the lake. The history of the lake is Temuujin (Chinggis Khaans’s childhood name) was given the title, “Chinggis Khaan” in 1189. The surrounding area of Khukh Nuur is quiet, peaceful, and wonderful for hiking and relaxation, it is still one of the local tourist’s favorite places to visit.

In the end, we also need to acknowledge the management team for organizing this trip and thank our reliable drivers that watch out for us and keep us safe.

To see our trip to the Gobi click the below link.

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