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Tokyo Olympics 2020: Mongolian athletes you should know

As of today, 43 athletes from Mongolia have qualified for the ‘Tokyo 2020’ summer Olympics. Since the nation's debut in 1964, Mongolian athletes have appeared in every edition of the Summer Olympic Games, with the exception of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, because of its support of the Soviet boycott.

Mongolia participated in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan for the first time. Tokyo 2020 will be held in the first country to compete in the Olympics, and even in the same city.

Mongolia is participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with 43 athletes in 10 sports, including judo, freestyle wrestling, archery, shooting, boxing, 3 × 3 basketball, swimming, table tennis, athletics and weightlifting.

Freestyle wrestling

Men's 57 kg: Double World Cup bronze medalist, Merited Athlete, Asian Champion, Asian Games Champion ERDENEBAT BEKHBAYAR

65 kg: TUMUR-OCHIRIN TULGA, a gold, silver, and bronze medalist of the under 23 age category Asian Junior and adult national championship.

125 kg: bronze medal of the U-23 World Cup, silver medal of the Asian Championship, national team, “Khilchin” sports committee, “Dayan” athlete, IAAF MUNKHTUR LKHAGVAGEREL

Women's 50 kg: bronze medalist of the U-23 World Cup, Asian champion, Ivan Yarygin's "Golden Grand Prix" champion, three-time national champion, national team, athlete of "Khasu-Megastars" club, IAAF TSOGT OCHIR NAMUUNTSETSEG

53 kg: “Nur-Sultan-2019” World Cup bronze medalist for adults, national team, “Jenko” club athlete, BAT-OCHIR BOLORTUYA

62 kg: “Ulaanbaatar-2019” Asian Under-23 Championship silver medalist, Ivan Yarygin's “Golden Grand Prix”, Polish Open Champion, IAAF KHURELKHUUGIIN BOLORTUYA

68 kg: Olympic bronze, double World Cup gold, one silver and one bronze medal, Hero of Labor, Honored Athlete SORONZONBOLD BATTSETSEG. A member of the national team and “Khilchin” sports committee, he won a bronze medal at the 2019 FIFA World Cup and won the right to fight in Tokyo.

76 kg: Silver and double bronze medals of the World Cup, Honored AthleteBURMAA OCHIRBAT


48 kg: World Cup gold, silver, and double bronze medals Honored Athlete Munkhbat Urantsetseg

52 kg: SOSORBARAM LKHAVAGSUREN, silver medalist of the Asian Championships, Mongolia's first female judoka, and silver medalist of the Youth Olympic Games

57 kg: Olympic silver, World Cup gold, double bronze medal, Hero of Labor, Honored Athlete SUMYA DORJSUREN

63 kg: GANKHAICH BOLD, silver and bronze medalist of the Asian Championships, five winners of the World Championships.

78 kg: bronze medal at the 2009 “Chinggis Khaan” World Cup, silver at the 2010 Hong Kong International Championships, silver at the 2019 Asian Open, three gold, two silver, and one bronze medal at the World Championships MUNKHTSETSEG OTGON

Men's 60 kg: silver medalist of the World Cup, Honored Athlete DASHDAVAAGIIN AMARTUVSHIN. Participating in the Olympic Games for the first time, he defeated L. Unubold in a test flight.

66 kg: bronze medalist at this year's World Cup, YONDONPERENLEI

73 kg: Asian champion, double silver medalist of the World Youth Championship, Tsend-Ochir Tsogtbaatar

81 kg: SAID MOLLAI, a Mongolian athlete who changed his nationality and won a gold and a bronze medal at the World Cup

90 kg: Army World Champion, Asian Games silver medalist GANTULGYN ALTANBAGANA

+100 kg: bronze medalist of the World Cup, Honored Athlete LGAGVASUREN OTGONBAATAR. He won fifth at the Rio Olympics.

+100 kg: bronze medalist of the World Cup, Honored Athlete, flag bearer of the Mongolian team UULZIBAYAR DUURENBAYAR


TSENDBAATAR ERDENEBAT, bronze medalist of the World Cup, Asian Games, and Asian champion. He was awarded the right to compete in the Tokyo Olympics based on his achievements in 2017-2020. As a result, E.Tsendbaatar will compete in the Olympics for the second time. He won his first bronze medal at the Rio Olympics, placed fifth. Mongolia qualified three boxers for the Tokyo Olympic Games and two of them are strong medal hopefuls in the event. ASBC Asian Champions Erdenebat Tsendbaatar and Chinzorig Baatarsukh have got nearly one decade of international experience and both names as podium contenders of their weight categories.

CHINZORIG BAATARSUKH, World Army Champion, National Team, Aldar Sports Committee Athlete.

MUNKHBAT MYAGMARJARGAL, the first Mongolian female boxer to qualify for the Olympics. Not only the Mongolian Boxing Association but also Mongolia has always been one of its main goals to qualify for the Olympics in women's leather gloves. Myagmarjargal Munkhbat, an athlete from the “Shiren Beelii” club in the women's 75 kg weight category, won the first Olympic right in the history of Mongolian women's boxing.

She won a silver medal at the 2019 Asian Championships and qualified for the Olympics. It was a difficult success to repeat in the seventh Olympics. No Mongolian athlete has competed in the Olympics than her.

ENKHTAIVAN DAVAAKHUU, athlete of the national team and “Aldar” sports committee. He has been shooting for 11 years, finishing 5th in the men's 10m air pistol event at the 2019 World Cup in China and qualifying for the Olympics. E. Davaakhuu, who broke Mongolia's record many times, won the World Student Games in 2015 and became the first Mongolian shooting athlete.

ANUDARI TSOLMONBAATAR. He placed 5th at the 2019 World Cup in China, set a new record Mongolian record in Mongolia. In addition to qualifying for the IAAF title, it also qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Games. Ts. Anudari is the first Mongolian athlete to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

ASYUNBAT YUSUGEN, silver medalist of the Asian Championships. The 21-year-old student of coach J. Gankhuya won the right to compete in the Tokyo Olympics two years ago when he became the Asian runner-up.


Honored Athlete of Mongolia BAT-OCHIR SER-OD. B.Ser-Od took 33rd place in the 76th Athletics Championships in Japan in February 2021 and qualified for the Olympics.

As a result, he became the first athlete in the history of Mongolian athletics to participate in the fifth Olympics.

MUNKHZAYA BAYARTSOGT, Athlete of “Aldar” Sports Committee, National Team, 327th Armed Forces Unit. She trains under the guidance of her husband, B.Dorjpalam, and competed in the 2019 FIFA World Cup and Tokyo 2020 Olympics when she placed sixth at an international competition in Hong Kong in February last year.

Mongolian national team, 327th unit of the Armed Forces, athlete of “Aldar” sports committee Tseveenravdangiin Byambajav. A bronze medalist at the Asian Championships and a speed racer at Rio 2016, he qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when he placed fifth at an international competition in Japan last year.


Mongolia will participate in the swimming event of the Tokyo Olympic Games with M.Delgerkhuu and B.Enkhkhuslen. International master M.Delgerkhuu will compete in the men's 50-meter freestyle. B.Enkhuslen, who has set a new national record 33 times in the women's distance race, has an IWF title.


OTGONBOLD BAATARKHUYAG, who won the right to participate in the “Tokyo 2020” singles event of the 2019 Asian Archery Championships in Thailand. He is a two-time national champion, a gold medalist at the World Military Games, a silver and bronze medalist at the Asian Cup.

During the 2021 Archery Final Olympic Qualification Tournament held on June 18-21 in Paris, France, a Mongolian archer B. Urantungalag won fifth place in the women’s individual category, qualifying to compete in the ‘Tokyo 2020’ Summer Olympics.

ANKHTSETSEG MUNKHJANTSANG, double bronze medalist of the World Cup, Honored Athlete who was awarded the title of Honored Athlete of Mongolia this year, participating in the second Olympics. He had previously placed eighth in the Rio Olympics.

BILEGSAIKHAN ERDENEBAT, the first Mongolian female heavyweight to win the IAAF title.

The 23-year-old broke Mongolia's record 48 times and is an eight-time national champion. She is a two-time World Cup and Asian champion, two-time silver and one-time bronze medalist at the Asian Championships, and a three-time silver and three-time bronze medalist at the Asian Cup.


For the first time in its history, Mongolia will compete in the Olympic Games in team sports.

Our female athletes are in the top four in the world and qualified for the Olympics together with basketball players from Russia, Romania, and China. The Mongolian women's team at the Tokyo Olympics includes Solongo Bayasgalan, Chimeddolgor Enkhtaivan, Tserenlkham Munkhsaikhan, Khulan Onolbaatar, Ganzul Davaasuren and Bolor-Erdene Baatar.


It was a historic event that two Mongolian athletes qualified for the Olympics in this year's World and Asian Regional Table Tennis Championships. The first winners are four-time national champion E.Lkhagvasuren, 2018 national champion, and 18-year-old B.Bolor-Erdene. Mongolian table tennis players participated in the 1961 World Cup for the first time. This is the first time in 60 years that it has participated in the Olympics.


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