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The HU, a Mongolian rock band, announced the schedule of its in the USA

The Hu is a band with its own music genre ‘Hunnu rock’ inspired from the ancient Mongolian empire the Hun -Xiongnu, combining heavy metal with Mongolian musical instruments Morinkhuur Horse-head fiddle/, tsuur /fife/, tovshuur and others and traditional Mongolian throat singing. Founded in 2016 by Mongolian music producer B.Dashdondog, the Hu band released their first album ‘Gereg’ in the USA in September with Eleven Seven Label Group, which reached number one in the World Albums chart by Billboard this week. This is the first time ever an album by a Mongolian band taken the top ranking on the Billboard Music chart.

In April 2019, their song “Wolf Totem” first hit the Billboard chart, ranking 22nd in the Hot Rock Songs category. At the same time, the song topped Billboard’s chart Hard Rock Digital Song Sales thanks to the massive popularity it gained on social media platforms, while another song of the band - ‘Yuve Yuve Yu’ was ranked 7th on the same chart.

The band will tour across 32 cities of the U.S between September 1 and October 31.

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