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The Hu is back home for the New Year

The Hu, Mongolian rock band that has conquered the hearts of music lovers with their sensational mixture of traditional and western style. They landed in Mongolia today on December 15th, 2019 shortly after having awarded the Chinggis Khaan Order.

On the first day and month of the Year of the Yellow Pig of the 16th sixty-year cycle in the lunar calendar, a ceremony for presenting the Chinggis Khaan Order took place in the Chamber of Nine White Banners of the State Palace.

Upon the decision to award the Hu Band with the highest state decoration of Mongolia—the Chinggis Khaan Order, President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga issued a decree.

The award was given for creating a new musical genre that is ‘the hunnu rock’ by blending the immeasurable heritage of traditional Mongolian culture and folk arts reflecting the glory and proud history of the Great Mongol Empire and the forefathers with the rhythm and melody of modern music; promoting its music in Mongolian lyrics around the world, and propagating a good image of our country and its people.” On behalf of the Hu Band, Producer B.Dashdondog received the award from the President on the 7th of December. Mongolians have received them with warmest welcome and proud appreciation. After completing their tour in the USA for 90 days over 26000 miles, they will continue to Asia.


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