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The Telegraph recommends Mongolia among tourist destinations without coronavirus

The Telegraph included Mongolia into the list of 14 beautiful countries  to visit without coronavirus.

The other 15 countries included Argentina, Namibia, Cuba, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Madagascar, Peru, Maldives, Malta, Laos, Botswana, South Africa, Chili, Poland, Columbia, Bolivia, and Tanzania.

As coronavirus leaves some destinations out of bounds for tourists, these are 14 fascinating countries it’s yet to reach (accurate at the time of publication), The Telegraph said.

1. Mongolia

This famously wide, empty country is the least crowded nation on earth (its population is less than one 20th of the UK’s). The phrase “Big Sky Country” is simply inadequate for Mongolia, according to Telegraph Travel writer Terry Richardson. “This enormous, landlocked country of the green steppe, vast flat plains, intricately braided rivers, electric-blue highland lakes, snow-licked mountains, dense pine forests and shifting desert is presided over by a skyscape of such bold blue immensity it beggars description,” he adds.

2. Namibia

How about experiencing the raw beauty of Namibia, which Telegraph Travel expert Pippa de Bruyn names as her favourite place on earth? You could begin with a night under the stars at Okonjima Game Reserve, then book in for a self-drive safari through Etosha National Park. Follow our ultimate itinerary and you may encounter elephants, rhinos and big cats (including lions, leopards, cheetahs, and servals).

3. Cuba

Havana, the capital of this long, thin, lush island, celebrated its quincentenary in 2019. But beyond the city’s pastel-painted colonial buildings and 1950s cars, there’s much to discover throughout Cuba. Twitchers, coffee-snobs, and cigar-lovers are well-catered for, while the second city, Santiago de Cuba, is a hotbed of musical talent. Our winter is Cuba’s dry season, and the threat of hurricanes subsides in November – so this is an ideal time to visit.

4. Turkey

In Istanbul, Turkey possesses one of the earth's most beguiling capital cities. A boat ride along the Bosphorus – passing under its grand suspension bridges and spotting the minarets of the mosques that speckle the skyline – is worth the journey alone. Over 300 square miles of land and with a 4,500-mile coastline, Turkey serves up beautiful beaches, forgotten islands and an inland sea that is seven times larger than Lake Geneva.

6. Madagascar

A paradise for nature-lovers, the world’s fourth-largest island is considered “megadiverse” – David Attenborough even dedicated a series to its fascinating fauna. From the cutely creepy aye-aye lemur (which has an extra-long middle finger for skewering grubs) to the Malagasy giant rat (that can jump three feet into the air), it’s home to many curious critters. It also has a clutch of world heritage sites, including the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve – a labyrinth of limestone that shrouds much of the island’s western side.

7. Peru

Filled with Incan ruins, Peru also delivers sun-baked coastal deserts, cities steeped in history and the mighty Amazon river. Chris Moss suggests an itinerary that begins in the capital, Lima (BA offers direct flights from London Gatwick between late March and late October) and takes in Cusco, the Sacred Valley, a rainforest stay and, of course, Machu Picchu. Sitting 7,972ft above sea level, the ruins are a “potent, stirring high point in the wanderings of any traveler,” writes Moss.

8. The Maldives

This glossy, honeymoon favourite has hidden depths, according to Telegraph Travel expert Simon Parker. With 1,192 coral islands spread across 35,000 square miles of the Indian ocean, planning a trip to the Maldives can be overwhelming for a first-timer. Here, our expert offers a helping hand for those trying to pick their ideal Maldivian idyll.

9. Malta

With other Mediterranean favourites battling the outbreak, coronavirus-free Malta could be the ideal balmy escape. Among its treasures are Valletta, Europe’s tiniest capital and a Unesco world heritage site. Malta history spans millennia, helping to attract Game of Thrones location scouts. Take a look at Telegraph Travel’s Malta guide for tips on where to visit, stay and eat.

10. Laos

“That Laos still remains the undiscovered land of south-east Asia works in its favour. It’s like Thailand was 20 years ago,” writes Telegraph Travel expert Claire Boobbyer. From mosaic-covered temples to French baguettes, via torchlight tiger safaris and elephant encounters, there’s much to inspire wanderlust in her suggested, fortnight-long itinerary.

11. Botswana

Whether you’re seeking a family adventure or an unforgettable honeymoon, a safari in Botswana is pure bucket-list fodder. Many will head for Okavango Delta is the ultimate trip. “What an extraordinary river this is,” writes Telegraph Travel wildlife expert Brian Jackman. “Born in the mountains of Angola, it flows deep into northern Botswana, 1,000 miles away.” Follow Jackman’s guide to this trip of a lifetime.

12. Uzbekistan

This complicated country, which about the size of Spain, delivers flashes of brilliance and immense beauty, according to Telegraph Travel writer Sara Wheeler. Three of the Silk Road’s great cities (Bukhara, Khiva, and Samarkand) are in modern Uzbekistan, as is the Tian Shan mountain range.

13. Colombia

“Few countries have managed the kind of rebrand achieved by Colombia, in a time frame of about 15 years,” writes Chris Moss. “When people who’ve never talk about Latin America, they are wont to mention mountain peaks, salsa music, great coffee, bananas, sunshine, beaches, monkeys, parrots, and butterflies. Colombia, more than any other South American country, boasts all of these, and then some, “ he adds. Take a look at his itinerary.

14. Tanzania

Another widllife-watching favourite, this nation offers up many types of safari holiday – from a camp entirely run by women to one which Brian Jackman has named his perfect safari.


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