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The latest on COVID-19, in Mongolia

As of October 5, 2020, the number of new coronavirus infections reached 314, with 307 recoveries. All of them are imported cases and NO community spread cases. Currently, seven patients are receiving treatment at the NCCD. Recovered cases 307. People are in quarantine 3740. No deaths.

The government of Mongolia, all emergency agencies, and health organizations are still working hard and operating 24 hours to preventing from the COVID 19 from January. Starting September 21, all government organizations and legal entities nationwide are normally working. Culture, entertainment, and leisure retail, and public events working normally.

All levels of educational institutions are allowed to return to normal operations. Although things are getting better, we are still wearing masks and keeping a good distance from each other while in the public. Domestic flights, trains, buses normally run. All the hotels and leisure places are open. All attractions and sightseeing in the nation are open to the public.

About, International Travel and Entry to Mongolia, the situation of the Covid-19 spread globally, suspensions of international flights and passenger trains have been extended until July at least. People returning from abroad either on government-arranged charter flights or across border crossing checkpoints in an organized manner are placed under 21-day mandatory isolation at government-designated facilities.

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