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The Last King of the Hunnu Empire

The last King of the HUNNU empire is an entertaining new theatrical drama about the last king of HUNNU empire is a tragedy, written in 1998 by renowned Mongolian writer and poet Lkhagvasuren Bavuu. The play takes the audience back to the ages of the ancient Hunnu empire, which originated around 2,500 years ago in Central Asia. In fact, the ancient Qin and Han dynasties of China commenced the construction of the Great Wall to protect themselves from the attacks of the powerful Hunnu Empire. Later, the Western Hun migrated to Europe, settling in present day Hungary, bordering eastern Rome, and guarding the northwestern border for a fee of 60.000 gold coins.

The Last King of Hunnu Empire was directed as a dance-drama performance. Artefacts from the ancient Pazyryk culture found in central Asia, Deer Stone-Slab grave culture, and Hunnu empire ‘s reign come to life to the traditional dances and music from the pastoral livestock-herding culture that dates back to thousands of years ago.


The two queens of Archug king each give birth to sons just a few days apart. The king suspects that the son from his first queen Tsetser is not his blood because the couple has not been intimated for years. Indeed, the son of Queen Tsetser was born as the result of her extramarital affair with Egereg, the Khan’s trusted adviser. Chancellor Egereg is about to fail to have his son crowned as the future king, he conspires to switch the two newborn babies to mix up the royal bloodline to his own advantage. Without any suspicion of the switch, Archug king crowns Prince Achir, the lovechild of first queen Tetser and chancellor Egereg, during the co-enthronement ceremony. As the two princes grow up, prince Achir develops epilepsy supposedly due to being kicked by a horse. He also becomes a troubled man with vile tendencies. Archug king deems Prince Achir unworthy of the crown and decides to bestow the throne to his other son, prince Khuchir. Despite Chancellor Egereg’s pleas to forgive prince Achir, Archug king proceeds to execute the cruel prince Achir to ensure the future stability of his empire.

To save queen Gurgel from the misery of living after her assumed son’s death, Archug khan blesses her with the choice to dies in peace and allows her to undergo an honorable execution.Archug king makes these ultimate sacrifices in the name of the Hunnu Empire’s future and then he decides to crown Prince Khuchir who is, in fact his true heir and real son of his beloved prince Gurgel. Unfortunately driven by mad rage from losing his son prince Achir, chancellor Egereg tries to overthrow Archug king in an attempt to become king himself and demands to present him with the king’s royal seal. Archug king defeats chancellor Egereg in a final grand battle. The tragedy ends.

Source: Tamgagui tur

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