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The best drive in Mongolia

Situated between China and Russia, Mongolia is a natural wonderland with wide open spaces, astonishing wildlife, desert, high mountain peaks, rich history and a fascinating culture. Most importantly, Mongolia has a unique way of life. The authentic pastoral lifestyle experience. Tourists visit Mongolia to experience and smell the ancient history and drive in the open wide space which is a form of meditation.

The majority of paved roads leading out of the capital city Ulaanbaatar are fairly easy to navigate, however, country roads mainly tarmac and very few road signs. Mongolian drivers’ use their internal navigation or instinct which works.

Most likely you’ll be on a tour or organised trip on public transport in Mongolia. If you are travelling independently without any tour companies, you should remember “Tawan shar-Dragon center” where you can find 50 sections of 16 provinces and also to Russia, Bayanzurkh passenger transport center in the Eastern part of Ulaanbaatar is available to eastern provinces as well as to China.

If you are determined to go on a self-drive tour in UB or in the countryside specialized tour companies run their business such as Drive Mongolia- they offer Toyota Land cruiser, Nissan patrol, Ford ranger, customized Russian vans and motorbikes for expeditions and outback trips, and luxury car and Russian van rental for short time business trips or pleasure visits.

All tour operators offer a wide range of safe, reliable, powerful SUVs and off road and sedan vehicles with an experienced driver. These operators choose cars that are mainly used for tourists' comfort.

Four wheels drive jeeps as Toyota Land Cruiser 100, 105, 200, and Lexus 470 are available.

Russian van-More looks like an offroad tank and part of the Mongolian adventure experience. 4WD without air conditioning. The drivers of this Van do maintenance themselves. As they say: "easy to break, easy to fix!". Durable for remote area tours, camping tours and adventure tours. 4-7seats.

Toyota Hiace-Suitable in the paved roads and tarmac roads. 4WD minivan. with air-conditioning. 8-14 seats. There is no daily kilometer limitation, but the driver's maximum driving duration is 3-6 hours a day.

In the city buses are the main source of public transportation. It accepts special cards which are sold at some of the bus stations, at grocery stores, and at newspaper stands where they have the U-money sign smart card cost MNT3600, single trip is MNT500. Official taxi companies providing services within Ulaanbaatar, there are also unofficial taxis. When you raise your hand to catch a taxi, a private car will often stop and bring you to your destination. MNT1000 per kilometer.

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