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The hidden retreat: The one and only swimming pool in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia is OPEN NOW.

Luckily for us, domestic and international leisure travel has been given the green light, which means those much needed and long-awaited breaks we’ve been dreaming of are a mere double-click away. After the omnipresent stress of the pandemic is taking its toll, our brand-new swimming pool in the Dream Gobi Lodge is finally welcoming you in the miles and miles of untouched open space of the Gobi Desert. This outdoor swimming pool is rewarded with wonderfully isolated haven far removed from the stress of daily life. There is stunning ensuite traditional Ger which adds comfort to the off-the-grid escape.

Whether you’re after a remote glamping experience in a secluded area or a fully serviced tourist camp, there’s bound to be an escape you’re after in our roundup of secluded hideaways, there is currently one glamping unit with restorative swimming pool in the Mongolian Gobi Desert.

Imagine swimming in the Gobi Desert. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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