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Sustainable fashion for Jamo grand new year celebration 2022-2023.

Jamo grand company uses different themes every year when it comes to celebrating the New Year party. This year the motto was to make clothes made of any reusable material to dress up stylish and eco-friendly.

  1. This lovely lady turned into a phoenix. She likes receiving flowers from her boyfriend. All the paper wrappers that the flowers were wrapped in were used to make this beautiful dress that she made by herself. I should mention that her hobby is sewing and it promotes recycling and reusability.

2. This creative dress is made with playing cards, disposable plates, lunch boxes, spoons, and forks.

3. The garbage bag has been turned into a fashionable dress, and hat along with accessories like earrings and neckless.

4. This bed sheet was converted into a beautiful dress that was made by her talented husband.

5. Soda drink packaging was used in this fashionable outfit.

6. Pieces of silk were converted into a fashionable patchwork dress.

7. This angelic outfit was made from newspapers, magazines, and books.

8. Who knew that receipts could be turned into a jacket and cowboy hat?

9. A dress made from hundreds of children's mask designed and made by her.

10. Starry night. The black dress was studded by origami stars that she made.

11. Pencils in motion. This runway model used her extra colored pencils in an artsy dress.

Photography by Tsegi Tur

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