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2021 Presidential election of Mongolia

The presidential election of Mongolia is over. Former Mongolian Prime Minister Ukhnaa Khurelsukh became the country's sixth democratically elected president on Wednesday, June 10th, 2021. Candidate from the Mongolian People’s Party U.Khurelsukh led the ballot with 820,092 votes or gained 68 percent of total votes, whereas candidate from the Right Person Electoral Coalition D.Enkhbat followed with 242,692 votes (20.1 percent) with a candidate from the Democratic Party S.Erdene collecting 72,394 votes (6.0 percent). Moreover, 71,680 blank ballot papers have been counted.

Voter turnout was reported to be at 59.24 percent on the national level. In particular, out of 2,041,985 voters on the national electoral register, 1,208,408 have cast their votes. With the latest amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia made in December 2019, the new president will be appointed for a single six-year term, instead of the renewable four-year term. However, there are only preliminary results and the General Election Commission will announce the official final results by June 10 afternoon.

As stated in the law, the General Election Commission is required to submit the final results of the presidential election and the resolution on approving the authority of the President of Mongolia to the State Great Hural within 10 days after the vote.

Candidates of presidential election 2021

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