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From South Gobi to World stage together- Oyu Tolgoi open day

Oyu Tolgoi LLC organised Open Day event in Dalanzadgad soum in the South Gobi. OT is engaged in copper and gold mining activities. The company operates Oyu Tolgoi mine extracting copper, minerals, gold, silver and other byproducts.

Oyu Tolgoi has signed the Anti-Poaching Offset Project cooperation agreement with Umnugovi province under our Biodiversity Compensation Programme and the procurement agreement with the local supplier Khasud Bat to purchase leather safety belts and shoulder suspenders during the event. Also, received the Best Employer Award from the administration of Umnugovi province.

During the event, human resources, procurement, underground mining and environmental specialists introduced their operation and gave the latest operational updates to people during the event.

Good Root inter Trading LLC is one of the JAMO GRAND branch business that had participated in the Oyu Tolgoi open day event as a meat supplier.

In 2019, Good Root inter Trading LLC-new meat factory was established in Dalanzadgad soum, Umnugovi province. The plant was designed for the production of deep freezing, storage and storage of meat products. We offer a total of 25+ types of semi-processed and sliced ​​products in 4 sizes.

In the scope of expanding our factory, we have established our own branded stores at our factory in the South Gobi and as well as in Ulaanbaatar.

In addition, we run a “Peace pub” in Ulaanbaatar store that uses our own products to introduce the quality and flavors of the meat products.

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