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National Naadam festival cancelled avid COVID-19

The centuries-old festival Naadam which normally celebrated July 11-12th every year has been cancelled due to coronavirus for the second year running until next year. Regarding the decision, Spokesperson of the Prime Minister Ch.Bolortuya said, “At its previous meeting, the Cabinet had made the decision to celebrate the National Naadam Festival in an online format. Despite the plans to organize the event without an audience, the Ministry of Health and scholars have made the conclusion that it would gather some 12,000 people, creating the risk for about 3,000 people to become infected.

But, some people have begun demanding to celebrate virtual Naadam, some demanding use its MNT 10 billion budget for supporting the health sector. The Covid-19 pandemic in Mongolia is worsening daily as the death toll increasing. The healthcare system is now teetering on the brink, with many hospitals unable to handle the relentless inflow of patients whilst also running short of beds, oxygen and ventilators.

The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia is advising to cancel the traditional horse racing in order to protect children from getting Covid-19.

This year, the Naadam festival coincides with the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution. Therefore, it is expected to be a huge celebration; some 350 people are expected to stay at the expansive Khui Doloon Khudag site for three days.

Mongolian Government decided to extend the annual Naadam holiday by making Friday (16 July) a public holiday. This means Mongolians will enjoy a nine-day-long holiday including the weekends. During the long holidays, Ulaanbaatar citizens are advised to enjoy picnics with their family and to get fresh air avoiding gatherings.

Sourse: UB info

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