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Mongolian traditional upturned toe boots

The main feature of the Mongolian traditional boots is that they have a unique shape with upturned toes and various ornamentation, which make it different from modern and western shoes and boots. Traditional Mongolian boots may seem clunky, bulky, and uncomfortable for the younger generation or foreign people. The fact is that there are many herders, who are practicing a traditional way of life in the vast territories of Mongolia like to wear this type of footwear. It turns out that is more convenient to wear traditional boots over modern boots in everyday life in Mongolia. Traditional boots are suitable for the climate with hot summer and warmer in the winter. Also, the upturned toe will not allow the boot to easily slip out of the stirrup, even if the horse suddenly starts to buck or gallop on a tight saddle, the special design of the boot allows the horseman to stand up in the stirrup. The sole has been doubly sewn into the body of the boots. The boots are made by hand from scratch to finish. it takes a while to complete a pair of traditional boots that are usually made by a family of craftsmen.

Historically speaking, Mongolian boots with an upturned toe, appeared in the time of the early Huns and have been slowly evolving in design, even up to this point in time. Surprisingly, those eye-catching decorative boots are still worn in Mongolia especially popular among wrestlers and at special events with traditional regional native clothes. The upturned toes of the Mongolian boots reflect the Mongolian wish to “no harm to nature.” In other words, boots with upturned toes and flat soles without heels do not uproot and destroy the soil and herbs. Since the boots have upturned toes the boots do not come across stones or there objects so that the surface of the boots remains undamaged. Generally, these upturned toe boots take a long time to wear out, even children can pass their boots on to their younger siblings.

The traditional boot has changed over the years to be more practical and comfortable. The original boots are still popular, but the modernized style boots are gaining in popularity. They can be more practical, cost less, and be quite fashionable.

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