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Mongolian studies in Italy discussed

Ambassador of Mongolia to the Italian Republic Ts.Narantungalag held a meeting with Mongolist, professor of Ca' Foscari University of Venice Ragagnin Elisabettaon February 28.

The professor, who translated the ‘The Travels of Marco Polo’ book into Mongolian in collaboration with other scholars and academics in 2019, showed the Ambassador her soon to be published Mongolian-Italian language textbook for beginner and intermediate levels.

Ambassador Ts.Narantungalag thanked the Ambassador for studying and promoting the history, language and culture of Mongolia, expressing her willingness to closely work with her to expand Mongolian studies in Italy and support young researchers.

Professor Ragagnin Elisabettaon invited the Ambassador to an academic conference of Mongolists to be held in Venice in early May. Ambassador Ts.Narantungalag accepted the invitation and said the Mongolian Embassy will support the Mongolist in organizing the conference and in her research.

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