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A gathering for military recruitment

Mother is seeing off son to the army Image from social media file

It is mandatory that all Mongolian men between 18-25 must fulfill their constitutional obligations to protect their homeland in accordance with the Law on Military Service and relevant laws and regulations. By the order of the Governor of the capital city, the second round of military conscription for 2020 has started between 22-25 of October.

The officials said that the military conscription organized normally and the number of young people is willing to join the army has increased. A person who receives a recruitment call paper is obliged to arrive on time at the recruitment place to enlist in the army on a scheduled day. During the soldier recruiting, there is a presentation on the possibility of enlistment in the armed forces, border guards, and the domestic army, and young guys make their choices whether they would like to be listed in the armed forces and border guards.

Due to the high level of physical activity in the military, special attention is paid to medical examinations. There are certain criteria in order to get recruited into the army.

There are several possible options for military service in terms of time, economy, and law. The following legal forms apply to military service and conscription.

1. Conscription Military school listener

2. Military school listener and student

3. Student soldier

4. Military compensation service-in the form of cash payment and physical compensation.

5. Contract military service

Duration varies, depending on the legal form.

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