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Mongolian Saiga antelope

Although we have known that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago in Mongolia, you may not have known that Mongolian saiga antelope still surviving the harsh natural climate conditions and poaching and smuggling. Saigas’ horns and skin have commercial value and the bone is used for main ingredients for Chinese traditional medicine. Originally the saiga inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone into Mongolia. The Mongolian subspecies are found only in the western part of Mongolia. Saiga is an ancient animal, considerable evidence shows the importance of the antelope to the Andronovo culture settlement of Eurasia, also illustrations of saiga can be found among the cave paintings that were dating back to the seventh to fifth century BC. Moreover, saiga bones were found among the remains of other wild animals near the human settlements. However, the population size has decreased in recent years and its one of the critically endangered species.

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