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Mongolian heritages spread around the world

‘Mongolian Heritage Spread Around the World: Archival Documents and Written Monuments’ exhibition launched on June 21, in the exhibition hall of the National Museum of Mongolia. The exhibition is displaying a collection of 20th-century documents related to the history of Mongolia, which was copied from Russian, Chinese, and U.S. archives in chronological order.

Among the earliest exhibit are portraits of Chinggis Khaan and Khubilai Khaan, copied from 37 portrayals of Mongolian khaans, kept in Taiwanese archives. Copies of the Secret History of the Mongols, kept at Taiwan’s National Palace Museum, a letter from the Ilkhaan Ulziit to King Philip IV of France, and the letter from Roman Pope Innocent IV to the Great Khaan of the Mongol Empire is also on display at the exhibition.

A 20-minute-long montage of Mongolia-Russia historical moments between 1921 and 1980 garnered much of the attention at the exhibition. Videos showing Sain Noyon Khan T.Namnansuren on a boat during his 1913 visit to the Russian Empire and Commander-In-Chief D.Sukhbaatar during the signing of an agreement between Mongolia and Russia in 1921. 51 documents selected from 150 collections on display.

The exhibition featuring a selection of 51 documents from 150 collections of documents copied from Russia, China, and the U.S will continue until June 25.


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