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Why do Mongolians always wear a hat

In general, the hat often symbolizes a role you are playing in your life, it also represents what country you are from. In Mongolian culture, the hat is very important.

There are two hundred types of hats including traditional, men’s, women’s, children’s, and also for the four seasons, common, special, daily, charming, etc. There are twenty different ethnicities that have their own traditions that help make the hat extraordinary. Depending on the seasons, gender, status, age, the hat differs in between. In Mongolia, people never place the hat on the floor and must be placed on top of the belt and other clothing. The hat and belt are held in great esteem among the Mongolian people, it is believed that the spirit of a man resides in his hat and belt, that is why people never wear or touch someone else’s hat without permission. Mongolian nomadic people never go outside bareheaded, because of the extreme weather conditions. The hat protects against the hot sun in the summer, people often wear a western-style cap until its color fades because they do not wear sunglasses. The brim of the hat protects the eyes. Seeing herders wearing New York Yankees and other famous brand caps with their traditional garment "DEEL" can be a nice present to bring a cap for a herder family and their children. In winter, Mongolians often wear a fur hat because of the extremely cold weather.

In early times, people used to wear traditional hats to high-level ceremonies and festivals and it used to be representative of the status of the wearer. Mongolian hat designs were quite different. The traditional headwear now commonly worn by the wrestlers during the traditional Naadam festival, wear the hat crowned with a fanciful knot. In ancient times it symbolized the power of capable of frightening enemies.

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