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Mongolian way of greetings

Mongolians use many kinds of greetings. First greetings, everyday greetings, work greetings, seasonal greetings, city greetings, countryside greetings, holiday greetings, traditional greetings, etc.

Sain baina uu? - Hello, how are you? (formal) Сайн байна уу?

Sain baitsgaan uu? - Hello everybody (to a group people) Сайн байцгаана уу?

Sainuu? - informal (between friends or to a younger person) Сайн уу?

Sonin yu baina (daa)? - What’s up? Сонин юу байна даа?

Taiwan (daa) - I am fine Тайван даа

Uglluunii mend - Good morning Өглөөний мэнд

Udriin mend - Good afternoon Өдрийн мэнд

Oroin mend - Good evening Оройн мэнд

Another type of greeting is the seasonal greeting. You can use them in the countryside when you meet someone. These are not as commonly used in the city. In the summer time, you can say,

Saikhan zusaj baina uu? - Are you summering well? Сайхан зусаж байна уу?

Targan saihan zusaj baina uu? - Is everything (family, livestock) good this summer?

Likewise, we can say,

Saikhan namarjij bainuu? Are you having a good autumn? Сайхан намаржиж байна уу?

Saikhan uwuljij bainuu? Are you having a good winter? Сайхан өвөлжиж байна уу?

Saikhan khawajij bainuu? Are you having a good spring? Сайхан хаваржиж байна уу?

During Tsagaan Sar (Mongolian lunar new year) when you visit a Mongolian family you can greet with them with saying

Amar baina uu? Are you well? Aмар байна уу?

Sar shinedee saihan shinelj baina uu? – Are you having a nice celebration?

Сар шинэдээ сайхан шинэлж байна уу?

This is a special greeting. Younger people greet their elders by putting their hands under the older ones' arms. This is quite formal and Mongolians dress their best to perform this.

Snuff bottle exchange is quite popular in Mongolia. The snuff bottle greeting is a symbol of the heart and expression of respect. Mongolians have called snuff exchange and snuff smoking. The greeting should begin with a greeting from an elder or dignitary of the state.

After the old man and the guest of honor have taken their seats, the man holds the snuff bottle in both hands and bends his body a little.

At the same time, the other person takes his snuff bottle out of his bag and hands it to him with his right hand. The person taking the snuff should return it by sniffing or sniffing the appropriate amount of snuff or tobacco.

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