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Mongolian men and also the anniversary of military establishment in Mongolia

Today is Mongolian Soldiers’ Day and the 100th historic anniversary of the Armed Forces.

“Soldier, Motherland and Independence have inseparable connection. We have to everlastingly recall, glorify and pass down great deeds of our ancestors and patriots. We must never forget generations of patriots and soldiers who devoted their lives for bringing today’s freedom and independence to us.

As of today, 1,115 Mongolian soldiers are serving in peacekeeping operations. About 800 of them are in South Sudan, while the rest are serving in the Western Sahara and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Since then, Mongolia has continued to expand its contributions to UN peace operations in hot spots around the world.

Sierra Leone / 2006-2011 /,

Central African Republic, Chad / 2009-2011 /,

Democratic Republic of the Congo (since 2002),

Western Sahara / since 2002 /,Sudan / 2010-2017 /,

South Sudan (since 2011),

A total of 19,300 troops have successfully served in Afghanistan (since 2003 through NATO) in outnumbered.


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