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“Horse Tamer” Mongolian documentary wins Grand prize at the international mountain film festival

“Horse Tamer” feature film by French director and ethnographer Hamid Sardar has been selected as the best feature film of the festival and received Grand Prize. The film talks about a brave Mongolian horseman. General judge of the festival Peruzzo de Andrade reviewed that the film could show the lifestyle of the nomad. Shuhert, vigilant Darhat horseman, pursues bandits relentlessly, all the way to the edge of Mongolian taiga, on the border with Siberia. Between tribal rivalries, smuggling, and gold searching, the film explores what horse-stealing means in Mongolia today. The 24th Annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival kicked off online on February 19 and selected the best films.

In addition, there are many reindeer herder pictures taken in the Taiga that are the main advertisements of Mongolian tourism.

You can watch the movie below the link.

source: ikon. mn

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