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Hollywood-Mongolia joint project team receives first funding

A team of the Mongolia-Hollywood joint film project ‘Godsend’ announced that it has received the first funding.

The project aims to develop knowledge economy, increase export’s opportunities, create jobs, raise people's knowledge about tourism and culture, promote the development of Mongolian film industry in partnership with Hollywood, alongside showing the real image of great culture and the beauty of rich tradition of Mongolia by way of changing the stereotype about Chinggis Khaan and Mongolian people.

“The film’s shooting will be held in Mongolia. I fully support the ‘Godsend’ project, which provides an opportunity to bring Mongolia's creative industries to the forefront of the international stage,” said director and actor G.Erdenebileg.

The Godsend research team consisting of Hollywood producers and heads of units, will arrive in Ulaanbaatar this month to hold a meeting with corresponding representatives of Mongolian film industry (local production companies, film crews, artists) and government officials supporting the project.

Producer James Liotta, who wrote the screenplay, said, "‘Godsend’ project is fully aligned with some objectives reflected in the ‘Vision-2050’ Mongolia's long-term policy document and efforts being put by the Government to implement international film projects in Mongolia.”

The film depicts realistically the significant contributions made by Mongolia and Great Chinggis Khaan. “The project is based on participatory, diversity and multicultural knowledge. As far as I know, current project is the best in Hollywood,” said producer Wendy Kram.

source: UB info

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