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From “DEEL” to street fashion

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The Mongolian traditional garment is known as “DEEL”. The popularity of deel amongst Mongolian people has been steadily decreasing over the years. However, the younger generation of Mongolia has not forgotten to spice it up. Mongolian youth is promoting their traditional garment known as deel in recent years. If you visit Mongolia during the Naadam festival in July11-13, you will see a parade with traditional garment at the square. You might even be surprised by how many options you might have. As a result of the Mongolian history, they have several tribes within them with each of them having a slightly different version of their deel. Not to mention, deel has found more style variations due to the younger generation of Mongolia pushing it to become the “norm” again at least during ceremonial and festive occasions in recent years. Mongolian national clothes reflect our diverse cultures and help forge an appreciation for what makes Mongolia unique. Whether it is for daily life or special occasion it is just honor our cultural roots, national costume is a great way to express connection with our ancestors, as long as you wear it in respectful manner.

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