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In this stunning cinematic view of Mongolia’s past and present, film director & novelist Robert H. Lieberman and long-time creative collaborators PhotoSynthesis Productions take us inside this vast but little-known land. New York Times best-selling author Jack Weatherford (“Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World”) delves into the extraordinary life and times of Genghis Khan. His Mongol Empire, which encompassed all of Asia, much of the Middle East, and Europe continues to affect us even today. The film’s rich soundtrack weaves from ancient throat singing to Russian-influenced opera to contemporary Mongolian rock. Intimate stories told by Mongolians, from nomads to city dwellers, provide a rare insight into their psyches and the challenges they face in their post-Soviet world.​

Produced  with sponsorship support from Podell Endowment Award for Research and Scholarship, Cornell University

Director: Robert H. Lieberman Writer: Deborah C. Hoard

VIRTUAL TALKBACK – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 at 6 PM Cinemapolis Executive Director Brett Bossard will moderate a Q & A with director Robert H. Lieberman, producer Deborah C. Hoard, editor David Kossack, and special guest Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, former Member of Mongolian Parliament, Cabinet Minister and activist. Pre-Registration for Zoom Required – Click Here

REVIEW Starting with the personal and intimate origin story of Genghis Khan, Lieberman weaves a rich and close-knit tale of the entire history of the Mongolian people—effortlessly mixing past, present and future in its entire epic splendor. Karsten Kastelan, German Film Critics Association Far more than a visually magnificent film capturing Mongolia’s remarkable natural beauty, Echoes of Empire reveals a people proud of their traditions, their independence, and the freedoms they cherish. As the United States and Mongolia grow ever closer, this film highlights much of what brings our countries together. — Michael Klecheski, United States Ambassador to Mongolia Absolutely, the best documentary ever made on Mongolia…Digs past the stereotypes. I think this will be important long into the future. Jack Weatherford, New York Times bestselling author, “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World.” What a beautiful film. I have seen lots of films about Mongolia but this is the first time I really learned something new about this country and its people. Nina Gladitz, author and filmmaker, “Leni Riefenstahl: Career of a Perpetrator.” The excellent and empathetic “Echoes of the Empire: Beyond Genghis Khan” – constructed with Deborah Hoard on the story – gives us a sense of Mongolia’s history, the complicated and at times repressed legacy of Genghis Khan, and how its people are weighing their traditions against the needs of modern life. — Bryan VanCampen, Ithaca Times

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