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Minister of Culture visits Ca’ Foscari University

As part of her working visit to Italy, Minister of Culture Ch. Nomin visited the Ca'Foscari University in Venice, where she met with scientists and researchers led by Vice-Rector Fabrizio Marrella.

According to Vice-Rector Fabrizio Marrella, the university is one of the largest in the state of Veneto and cooperates in the field of student exchange and in other areas with the Mongolian State University and the University of Culture and Arts in the framework of the European Union's Erasmus program. There are currently 14 students from Mongolia studying at Ca'Foscari University.

Students from Italy and abroad participate in the programs of Mongolian studies, culture, and linguistics. During the meeting, the sides exchanged views on the implementation of a joint project to translate and disseminate the classics of the history, culture, and literature of the two countries, as well as to train Mongolian scholars and researchers.

This became possible within the framework of the ‘2022-2025 Intergovernmental Program for cooperation in education, science, and sports, which was signed during the visit of the Minister of Culture. In this regard, as part of the implementation of the directions and measures included in the intergovernmental program, the parties agreed to expand the study of the Mongolian language and studies at Ca'Foskari University and make it the center of Mongolian studies and culture in the future, as well as to exchange scientists and educational materials.

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