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COVID-19 skin care tips

Due to the Covid-19 virus infection, people around the world are being forced to change everything we once considered normal life. The majority of people are having to work from home. Many elements of our lives have changed forever.

In Mongolia did not bypass. As of November 24, the reports say we have 47 new cases, 629 confirmed cases, 0 confirmed death.

Travel restrictions continue and many professionals are working from home. People have changed everyday rituals from, taking care of their skin to exercising at home. Thus, people start changing everyday rituals from taking care of skin to exercise at home.

Dermatologists explain how being restricted to the confines of your home may affect your skin. For many of us we do not put make up on, as a result our skin is more relaxed. It is also great advantage not to wear mask when you have online meetings.

So that you need to pay more attention to our skin if the air conditioner and heater are always on in your environment. This is because hot humid environments and air conditioners can cause the skin to lose moister and become dry. It is advised to keep the skin moisturized to prevent dryness. Dermatologists say that there is a risk to indoor air pollution and suggest that by planting air purifier may help reduce negative effects.

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