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Coronavirus Update: Mongolia

A 59-year-old French national was confirmed Covid-19 positive on Tuesday 10 March, which is the first case in coronavirus-free Mongolia. He is now undergoing treatment at the National Centre for Communicative Diseases.

According to health officials, a total of 126 people who had direct contact with the man, have been tested negative on coronavirus. So far 500 people have been identified as having had contact with this individual. On 11 March, 26 tests sent from Dornogobi province to Ulaanbaatar were coronavirus free.

As the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Mongolia, the mayor of Ulaanbaatar has decided to close most of the enterprises that operate in the capital until 16 March. According to L.Erdenechuluun, director of the Metropolitan Professional Inspection Department, a total of 4825 enterprises have been closed. During the shut-down period, all enterprises are obliged to conduct cleaning and sanitization.

After 16 of March, there has not been any new cases of COVID-19 patient. Starting today the enterprises are back to their normal operation but schools and other public areas have remained closed.

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