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10 classic cocktails you must try in Mongolia

In recent years, the number of cocktail parties among young people in Ulaanbaatar has increased, the culture of drinking cocktails has become popular in general, and the industry has reached into a new level. A group of young people who are contributing to the dissemination of the culture of drinking and its proper use.

The BHARMONEY guys have already earned a reputation in the industry, not only making delicious cocktails, but also for creativity filming the theme of the event, invitations and posters, and entertaining the guests until the end of the party. Avarzed is one of the founders of BHARMONEY showed us a video on how to make the world’s 10 most famous and classic cocktails.


Havana club aged ром - 60 мл

Fresh lime juice - 30 мл

Syrop - 22.5 мл

Skin of lime

Daiquiri is a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum. The Cuban cocktail is also named after the famous British author Ernest Hemingway.


Soyombo vodka - 45 мл

Crem de cassis likor - 15 мл

Pineapple juice - 45 мл

Martinis have the greatest history of alcohol-based cocktails. This classic cocktail tastes dry but strong. But we made a little different for Mongolians. It is made of Gin except of vodka.


Beluga Transatlantic vodka - 45 мл

Coffee liquor - 20 мл

Espresso shot s/m - 30 мл

Coffee bean

This alcohol-based cocktail differs from the classic version in that it contains a coffee. It has a refreshing taste, sweet and pleasant taste. The drink went through a few iterations, but it peaked during the 1990s—the age of anything in a martini glass


Aperol - 40 ml

Prosecco - 60 ml

Top up soda

Slices of orange

An orange liqueur-based cocktail originated from Italy, this cocktail is suitable for drinking before meals.


Campari - 25 мл

Sweet vermouth - 25 мл

Gin - 25 мл

Skin of orange

It is one of our favorite cocktails to drink. The bitter-sweet cocktail is called "King" and is suitable for men to drink. It tastes soft but strong. Italian national cocktail. The main ingredient, Campari, has a motto "No Negroni without Campari".


Vodka - 60 мл

Lime juice - 15 мл

Ginger Beer - 120 мл

Slice of lime

This vodka-based cocktail has a ginger blend in taste, so the vodka tastes weak in alcohol. Because it is a carbonated cocktail, it belongs acidic type.


Bulliet Bourbon whiskey - 60 мл

Fresh lemon juice - 30 мл

Syrop - 20 мл

Egg white


Originated from America. A cocktail has a soft whiskey base and egg white. Egg whites make the cocktail fleshy and soft. The cocktail has a sour taste, of course. it is often referred to as a New York Sour.


Maker's mark bourbon whisky - 70 мл

Angostura bitters 5 drops

Brown sugar – 1 spoon

Skin of orange

Soft whiskey base. Originally produced in the UK with rum, cognac base, it has become very popular since it was made of whisky in the United States. It belongs to the genre of bitter soft flavors and is considered the ancestor of classic cocktails. The soft and strong taste made it one of the most popular cocktails for men to drink.


Espolon tequila - 45 мл

Countreau - 22.5 мл

Fresh lime juice- 22.5 мл

Syrop- 5 мл

Slice of lime

Sea salt

Tequila-based, Mexican national cocktail. It has a sour but sweet in taste. Surrounding the rim with salt and eating a lemon after drinking gives you a taste of a unique culture. It is so popular that it is renamed Frozen margarita to make a variety of fruit flavors.


Woodford reserve whisky - 60 мл

Sweet vermouth - 30 мл

Angostura bitters 3 drops


Skin of orange

Manhattan is the cocktail named after the most famous city in America. American soft whiskey is the most classic cocktail for people who like to drink. The main feature is that the best whiskey is softened with sweet soft vermouth wine. It has a bitter but sweet taste, and women also love this cherry cocktail.


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