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Chinggis khaan museum officially opened in Ulaanbaatar

“Chinggis Khaan” museum officially opened to the public starting September 12, 2022. The museum exposing 2,000 years of Mongolia’s history of kings, nobles, nomads’ people, and their statehood from the Mongol Empire to the beginning of the XX century, contains 12,000 cultural exhibits, 92% are original exhibits, and the other exhibitions are copies of replicas and displays with official permission and certificates initially located in the museums in abroad, libraries, and archives. The Hermitage Museum gave a copy of the Stele of Chinggis Khan, Kublai Khan's naval warships, and letters of emperors in the Vatican. The museum that meets international standards is setting a new standard for the Mongolian museum field. The museum has 7 halls such as Mongolian Ancient States (Hunnu, Xianbei, Juan), Ancient Nomadic States (Ottoman, Uighur, Hyatan), Great Mongol State, Mongol Empire, Chinggis Khaan origin kings and nobles (beginning of XIV-XX century), World and Mongolia Hall (Mongolian Pride Hall), Great Khaan’s Appreciation Urgoo permanent exhibits to present.

The museum fee for adults is MNT 30,000, for students MNT 15,000, and for families MNT 20,000. It takes an average of 5 hours for a museum display and 3.5 more hours for short movies and activities, and can be viewed with explanations in five UN languages by scanning QR code. The museum has an educational hall, a big and small auditorium for Meetings, a cinema, a souvenir store and a coffee shop.

Working days: Monday-Sunday

Opening hours: 9:00-17:00

Cashier closing time: 15:30-16:00

Non working day: TUESDAY

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