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June 1 marks Mother’s Day and Children’s Day

In Mongolia on June 1, both Mother’s Day and Children’s Day are celebrated, and the day is an official public holiday in the country. However this year, public celebration and events for Children’s Day have been cancelled for the second year due to the global pandemic. Mongolia has annually celebrated Children’s Day since 1952.

The celebration of June 1 as International Children’s Day was initiated by the International Federation of Democratic Women during their meeting in November 1949. Thus, countries of the world began to celebrate the day from 1950.

There is little information on how the day was celebrated in Mongolia in 1950-1951. However, there are archival records being kept by the National Archives of Mongolia on how Mongolia celebrated Children’s Day on June 1, 1952, organizing many events for children nationwide.

According to the prime minister, the Mongolian government had set 2019-2020 as a year of children's development and protection, with an aim to increase parental supervision and attention to their kids and reduce violence against children.

The number of children in Mongolia is currently at 1.2 million, making up 35.4 percent of the country’s total population. In 2020, there were 77,716 new born children at the national level. This makes Mongolia a relatively young nation.

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