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Mongolian rock band Hu ranks 3rd in Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales

The Hu band earned No.3 on billboard’s world digital song sales chart this week for the first among Mongolian artists. The Hu has one million subscribes on YouTube and won the "Gold play button" award. They sang the famous “Metallica” band's song “Sad but True” released in 1992 in their own unique version, in Mongolian, has attracted the attention of rock music fans. Legendary band Metallica highlighted their new album on their Facebook and Twitter pages. The Hu’s new song has topped the top 100 rock charts with the most downloads from the iTunes store. It has also topped the best heavy metal song charts since its release.

In September 2019, The Hu's "Gereg" topped the Billboard charts. At the time, it was the first time that a Mongolian band had released a Mongolian-language album that topped Billboard. This time, there is no denying that the guys from the band will set a new record again.

B.Dashdondog – Founder and Producer, said on his website that if the epidemic hadn't spread around the world, The Hu would have performed a total of 98 shows in 2020. He would also be touring Latin America. " Mongolian rock band The Hu was awarded the Order of Chinggis Khaan by the decree of the President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga, becoming the 12th recipient of the highest award in Mongolia in 2019.

Since 2005, the first-class state decoration of Mongolia—the Chinggis Khaan Order—has been conferred on distinguished citizens who made invaluable contributions to strengthening the independence and sovereignty of Mongolia and the unity of the people and promoting the historical and cultural heritages of Mongolia to the future generations and to the world, and performed great deeds for the state, community, and the nation, as reported by the Office of the President of Mongolia.

The band has composed of 11 members, the Hu Band makes music in the ‘hunnu rock’ genre.

State Honored Artist of Mongolia B.Dashdondog – Founder and Producer

Ts.Nadmidtulga – Manager

Brandon Friesen – Manager

Ts.Galbadrakh – Band Leader, ‘Ayanga’ Morin Khuur, ‘Kharkhiraa’ Khoomei

G.Nyamjantsan – ‘Tumur’ Khuur, Tsuur, Khoomei

B.Enkhsaikhan – ‘Gal’ Morin Khuur, Khoomei

N.Temuulen – Tovshuur

G.Odbayar – Drums

A.Jambaldorj – Lead Guitar

B.Batkhuu – Bass Guitar

M.Unumunkh – Percussion

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