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Mongol HD TV won Best Music Programme at the 25th Asian Television Festival

Mongol HD TV, is the most watched television channel in Mongolia. They always create an engaging content for the audience. One of the programs is The voice of Mongolia.

The voice of Mongolia won the nomination for the second time for the Best Music Programs at the 25th Asian Television Festival held in Singapore on January 15-16.

During the 23rd Asian Television Awards in 2019, Mongol TV competed with its three programs ‘The Voice of Mongolia’, ‘Shark Tank’ and ‘Labor Games’ and won awards in the two categories: Best Entertainment Best adaptation of an existing format, with ‘The Voice of Mongolia’.

The event has been playing a significant role in recognizing excellence in the Asian TV industry since its launch in 1996. Over 60 judges from across the region select the bests and the results are audited by an international auditing firm ‘PWC’.

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