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Forbes Mongolia property awards

The Forbes Property Awards 2020, which recognizes the best in Mongolia's real estate industry, ended successfully at the Shangri-La Hotel on the 27th of October.

The Sky Garden Residence project has won the valuable nomination of “THE BEST APARTMENT COMPLEX WITH THE BEST ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS”.

The project, implemented by Teso Group, is a unique project that is taking the development of the construction industry one step further by creating a new look in the construction industry with Kids First. P. Lhagvadorj, CEO of Teso Properties Group, presented four innovative architectural solutions.

Winter garden

“Winter Garden” is an oxygen-rich glass structure that resembles summer even in winter, when it is evergreen in all four seasons of the year, which is the first solution in Mongolia. It is the most child-friendly solution to many of Mongolia's weather conditions and winter problems.

A roundabout bridge

The town plan includes a bicycle bridge to the National Par which is Mongolia's largest green area, to ensure safe access for children by road.

Gallery connection

All of the project's apartments are connected to the Winter Garden and Service Center in the center of the town by a gallery connection, which is a private space solution that allows you to access all services without having to go outside in the winter.

Spa distribution system

The spa distribution system, which allows the residents of the town to access the hot springs at home, is a unique design that addresses the important needs of relaxation and health.

The Sky Garden Residence project has a total of eight architectural advantages and the guests who came to the event happy with the selected company.

As for the project, the first apartment has already been commissioned and has started to receive residents located in the most valuable location of Bogd Mountain, on the banks of the Tuul River AA-2 zone in Ulaanbaatar.

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