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All Mongolian students have been evacuated from Kharkiv Ukriane

On February 28, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the staff of the Embassy of Mongolia in Poland has picked up 10 Mongolian citizens from the Poland-Ukraine border. Out of the 10 citizens, two were students who study in Kirovograd.

Moreover, 19 Mongolian citizens and their 4 family members - a total of 23 citizens have been reported to have boarded a domestic train journey en route Kharkiv - Lviv. After covering a 1,018 km long distance to the Ukrainian city of Lviv, they will have to further travel over 70 km in order to reach the Poland-Ukraine border.

Upon the citizens’ entry through the border, the staff of Embassies of Mongolia in Poland, Hungary, and Czech as well as some staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that have been mobilized will be picking up the citizens to facilitate their travels to Warsaw, Poland.

As a result of the repatriation efforts, a total of 34 Mongolian citizens have crossed the Poland-Ukraine border between February 25 and 28.

While three citizens have arrived in Mongolia on a flight on February 27, 15 citizens will be arriving on the flight en route Istanbul - Ulaanbaatar on March 3, reported the Ministry.

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