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Covid-19 cases drop double-digit figures since end of 2020

As result of Mongolia’s mass vaccination efforts, a positive trend has emerged, signaling progress in the county’s COVID-19 fight. As of today, 74.9 percent of the population in Ulaanbaatar had been fully vaccinated, and 37.4 had received a third dose. Overall, 91 percent of the adult population is fully vaccinated, making the landlocked country one of the most vaccinated nations in the world.

Today (13 December), Mongolia reported 94 new COVID-19 cases; the first double digits since end of 2020. The new cases included two imported infections- 75 in Ulaanbaatar city and 17 in provinces. In the last 24 hours, three people aged 61 have died of Covid-19.

The first local infections were reported in Ulaanbaatar on 10 November, 2020 after truck driver and his family members were confirmed having coronavirus.

Still, in the summer of 2021, Mongolia experienced its highest infection spike to date, rising sharply from a few hundred daily cases in May to a peak of nearly 4,000 daily cases in September, leading to 2,023 deaths.

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