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Meat processing plant in Dalanzadgad


In 2015, we started our activities in cattle, sheep and goat breeding in Khentii and Dornod provinces, and in 2019, we established our meat factory in Dalanzadgad sum, Uungogov province, using traditional and modern technologies. We have our slaughterhouses located in Khentii, Dornod, and Umnugovi provinces. We buy our cattle and sheep from local herders by signing a mutually beneficial contract with them. 

We expanded our business in 2023 by establishing a bottled water processing plant next to our meat processing plant in Umnugovi. Due to the high demand for our processed meat products, we have finished construction of a new meat plant in Khentii province in 2024 and expected to start production in June 2024. 

  • Successful trilateral cooperation Goodroot Inter Trading, Oyu Tolgoi, Government.

  • Meat and meat products processing factory established that complies with international standards.

  • New job positions have been created in the countryside.

  • We work with local people, participate in economic relations which sustain the livelihoods of herders.

  • We buy low-weight meat from local people to prevent seasonal meat shortages.

  • We produce clean, hygienic meat products made with Japanese technology.

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