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“Terelj and the Gobi Desert” is an all-in-one package which includes the highlights of Mongolia. Your trip starts in the famous Terelj National Park, followed by the Statue of Chinggis Khaan, the local pride. By continuing your trip to the Gobi Desert, you will visit the Flaming Cliff, the canyon of dinosaur bones, and Yol Valley, unexpected peaks in the wide open landscape along with the glacier. The Gobi Desert will surprise you further with the ivory towers of the Tugrug Shiree, unusual beauties of the Bactrian camels, vegetable fields in Bulgan village, and welcoming visit to the local school. By choosing this trip, you will visit the famous landmarks along with the equally beautiful but less crowded areas. You will enjoy the comfort of the luxurious lodges without compromising the authenticity. Meet friendly locals, learn Mongolian culture, and try new things like riding a Bactrian camels or Mongolian horses.

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Terelj National Park - Aryapala Temple - 
Statue of Chinggis Khaan - Nomadic family - Yol Valley - Flaming Cliff - Tugrug Shiree - Bactrian camel ride - Bulgan Village - Favorite museum in the city


Special offer, the best value, luxurious and comfortable


Upon your arrival in Mongolia, depending on the flight time, you can either stop by the city or drive straight to Terelj National Park. The closest national park to the city, Terelj is well known for its wonderful rock formations dotted by many gers and ger camps, along with a few yaks, and horses. Settle into your ger with an ensuite bathroom and enjoy your first taste of authentic Mongolian meal at the lodge restaurant. Optionally, you can also visit a local farmer’s family and learn about their life as nomads. By the sunset, the shades of the rocks change, presenting a magnificent view of the valley.

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Enjoy a leisure morning and a large selection of breakfast buffet. Start your day with a hike up to Aryapala Temple that is located at the end of a gorgeous valley, surrounded by magnificent granite rocks including the Turtle Rocks and the Family reunion. While walking up the hill, spot the wild irises that inaugurate the summer, and keep an eye for the symbolic Daurian jackdaw during its particular adolescent colors. Drive back to the camp and after lunch drive to the impressive Statue of Chinggis Khaan. Standing up to 40m/131f tall, this complex owns the Guinness Record for the tallest equestrian statue. A lift ride up to the horse main reveals a fascinating view of the mountain steppe area. You can learn the history of Mongols from their perspective and find out the pride and value of a Mongolian. Enjoy the late afternoon at the lodge, try local beer and celebrate your special holiday in Mongolia with a shot of Chinggis Vodka. You may need to pack for the next two days in the Gobi Desert.


A short flight to the Gobi Desert will take you Gurvan Saikhan Airport. Drive to Yol Valley for a hike. Stop on the way at the small museum to learn more about the Gurvan Saikhan National Park. The final destination is the narrow gorge that stays in the shade of the looming cliffs throughout the year. On the way, look up to watch lammergeyers, sometimes in dozens while the land below is occupied by scurrying Pikas. The hike is scenic for its interesting rocks formations, especially when there is a crisp blue sky to contrast the colors and downhill that are covered by juniper bushes. Drive to Dream Gobi Lodge and settle into your ger in the middle of the large Gobi Steppe.

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Leisure morning and leave to Tugrug Shiree, one of the wonders of the Gobi Desert. It was home to many dinosaurs 70 million years ago, now their descended birds reside in the area. Watch for the buzzards, saker falcons or kestrels. Visit a local school and meet the happy children who are studying hard to improve their English. Share a friendly lunch with a village family. Stop by the vegetable field, Yes; the tomato, cucumber, and watermelon grow in the Gobi Desert supported by its spring water full of rich minerals. Drive further to the panoramic Flaming Cliff. The whole day will present the arts of nature, one scene after the other. Tugrug Shiree with its ivory sand walls, Flaming Cliff with its rusty eroding hills, and surprisingly the zag trees forming up small woodland. Ride two-humped Bactrian camels before driving back to the Dream Gobi Lodge. Enjoy the Gobi sunset, looking over the endless horizons of the desert steppe, watching the horses walk towards their home.


Fly back to Ulaanbaatar city and visit any one of your favorite museums – National Museum for the concise history of Mongolia, The Bogd Khaan’s Winter Palace for the Buddhist architecture and treasured arts or the Central museum of dinosaurs. Stop by the Central Square for a photo opportunity. Ask help from your guide for shopping, we recommend the State Department Store for its wide selection and Mary and Martha for the fair trade and good taste

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  • Accommodation,

  • Domestic flight tickets to the Gobi Desert

  • Meals and drinking water

  • 4WD road vehicle in Mongolia

  • Professional driver and English speaking tour guide

  • National Park entrance fees; museum tickets, and road tax 


  • photo tickets in the museum, personal expenses, tips 

FLEXIBILITY – Upgrade the hotel to your choice, add optional programs or lengthen your time in Mongolia, all you need to do is send us an email at

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