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Lunar New Year Portrait.jpg

What is the most important day of the year for Mongolians? It is TSAGAAN SAR. It means reconnecting with your family, sharing your joy and sorrow, making sure to let people know that you care.  It is the bundle of old traditions and customs - enriched by people's happiness for the coming warm season. We visit our families, despite the distance, all fashionably dressed in traditional garments. Joining this FOUR-DAY TRIP, you will become a member of a local family, visit your relatives in the countryside, receiving gifts, feasting on the local delicacies, enjoying the comfort and panoramic view from your hotel room, exploring Terelj National Parkin its winter glory and colors.


Gobi Desert.jpg

The “Discover the Gobi” package includes the highlights of Gobi. Our trip starts from Tsagaan Suwarga, followed by the famous Flaming Cliff the canyon of dinosaur bones. By continuing your trip to the Yol valley, Khongor sand dunes, and Khawtsgait petroglyphs, walk to the rocky outcrop to search for ancient engravings on the rocks. There is also an amazing view of the wide-open landscape. This trip will surprise you further with the vegetable fields in Bulgan village in the small town out of nowhere in the Gobi Desert that supply the neighboring provinces with vegetables. We will visit the famous landmarks along with the equally beautiful but less crowded areas, especially during this pandemic time. You will enjoy the comfort of the spa treatment at the luxurious lodge in the remote area without compromising the authenticity. Meet friendly locals, learn Mongolian culture, and try new things like riding a Bactrian camel. Travel far and feel the silence and recharge your mind and soul.

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